This section will include  information about the natural environment around Waltham Chase,  including local footpaths and wildlife. We will also include occasional links to resources on recycling and other ways to improve the local environment and/or reduce Waltham Chase’s carbon footprint. (For information about rubbish collection and council recycling services, please go to the Local Information pages.)

You can also find relevant news items or articles by choosing the ‘Environment’  links in the right hand menu.

Waltham Chase Landfill sites

Waltham Chase water courses

Roadside ditches


Waltham Chase trees

Waltham Chase Meadows (SSSI)

Waltham Chase Settlement Profile – Blueprint extract.

Map showing the boundary of the Waltham Chase ward (ONS website).

Map of WalthamChase area showing the ‘Listed’ buildings.

Land use of Waltham Chase 2010                           http://www.magic.gov.uk

General Mapping of Waltham Chase

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