Women’s Institute (W.I.)

Waltham Chase Women’s Institute (W.I.) meet in the Village Hall on the second Tuesday of each month, 7.15 p.m. for 7.30 p.m.    Please feel free to join us.

We are a group of, at present, 40 ladies, with an age range of 40 to 90yrs+ .

Our programme can be found on the W. I. website using the link above.

We have five or six Speakers a year and we also have our social evenings. We do not have a meeting in August but usually go for a walk followed by a meal in a local hostelry.

We have coach trips out to interesting places; social skittles and our recycling event twice a year AKA Jumble Sale.

We meet at the Wheatsheaf Inn, Shedfield, SO32 2JG to practice darts on the first Wednesday of the month; please come along and say hello.



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  1. martin1786 says:

    This is a copy of the W.I. Waltham Chase February 2012 report.

    Our February meeting was a social evening at which we welcomed a new member.
    Several members were absent – was it because it was St. Valentine’s Day?

    Several notices from HCWI were read out, asking for names for various events not least the AGM at the Royal Albert Hall. Names were taken for our lunch at the Barleycorn and also for our outing on the Watercress Line and onto The Milestones Museum at Basingstoke. Four members are having a day out with Bishops Waltham Evening WI. to Denman College (the W.I.’s own college). We thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas meal supplied by caterers and hoped to do the same next year, but they are all booked! It was decided to have a New Years Dinner instead, so hopefully we can find a caterer on the day we want.

    The coming Jubilee celebrations were talked about and some members will be wearing Jubilee tea shirts on the day, Arrangements for the event are well underway and we just hope it will be a nice warm day.

    We all sat down to a game of competitive beetle (not the normal game), which was very entertaining and was enjoyed by all.

    Our Jumble Sale is on the March 17th and we are hoping for lots of customers to make our ‘Recycling day’ a great success. We are also advertising it on the “Waltham Chase Village Website” this time, so we await to see if this makes any difference. Martin Clarke has started this website and more and more people are giving him articles to appear on it. It is well worth a visit. Just Google ‘Waltham Chase Village Website.’

    Our next meeting is a workshop with Debbie from the Bead Bar showing us how to make items of jewellery etc and everyone takes away their creations.



    When you were getting your Christmas decorations from your loft, did you remember to look for your Royal Memorabilia?? Did you remember to dig out old photos of Shedfield Parish, or anything to do with the history of the Parish? – No, of course you didn’t! We would really like to have anything you have for the Parish History Show to be held in the Waltham Chase Village Hall on June 2nd. If you do have anything, please ring Sue Rogers on (editor removed). This event, along with the ‘Fun @ the Rec’’ ‘Alternative Olympics’ and the Evening Talent Show is being arranged by a group of Parishioners for their fellow Parishioners. Our aim is to give everyone a happy day of celebration,

    We have a core of willing people but would like to have some more volunteers; so if you would like to be part of this event, please telephone Dianne on (editor removed)

  3. martin1786 says:

    This is a a copy of the W.I. Waltham Chase January 2012 report.

    Waltham Chase W.I. January Report

    Our December meeting was changed to the preceding week. Very little business was conducted, with just a few notices given out. We had caterers in the Village Hall who prepared an excellent Christmas meal for us. As we would normally go to a restaurant, this was a first for us and we will certainly be repeating it next year.

    January is the start of the New Year with subscriptions being paid and a new programme to look forward to. Names were taken for our first outing in May consisting of a trip on the Watercress Line and then onto the Milestones Museum at Basingstoke. We have a lunch outing in February and will be preparing for our Jumble Sale in March and our Jubilee/Olympics Celebrations in June.

    We welcomed a potential new member, gave out birthday cards and settled back to listen to our Speaker Simon Theobalds. Simon told us about the charity Crimestoppers. He told us that most people think Crimestoppers are a department within the Police force. However, we were told that they have nothing to do with the police and are a charity set up to enable members of the public to report a crime or criminal activity, without giving their identity. People are reluctant to report crime to the police because of potential recrimination, but with Crimestoppers, you are totally anonymous. We found out they have a ‘rogue’s gallery’ of some 200 images which can be found on their website. If you are a Rogue who thinks Spain is a good place to hide, you may find your face on beer mats in their local bars!
    Our next meeting in February is a social evening held on Feb 14th, in the Village Hall at 7.15pm. Please feel free to join us.

    20p entrance
    Saturday March 17th @ 1.30pm

    Waltham Chase Village Hall

    Clothing* Shoes & Bags*
    Kitchen items* Bric a Brac
    And anything else that appears on the day

    Tombola and Refreshments.

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