You can see which ‘Tree protection orders‘ are active within the parish by searching on the ‘Local View’ map on the WCC website here: Winchester Council Trees – select ‘View map layers’ and in the Planning group select TPO and ‘Display on map’.

Winchester Council have a statement about TPOs.

A spreadsheet and database acting as a register of  trees in the Shedfield Parish. The spreadsheet and database is has been updated with the current TPO data that has been gratefully received from Winchester Council.

The village has lost quite a few large and old  trees within recent years.  Some the trees with TPOs are captured in photographs on Panoramio.

You can download or read online a guide :                                                                                                                                            “Town & Country Planning Tree Preservation Orders” .

Also “Protected Trees –  A guide to tree preservation procedures” .

Fareham Council have a good common sense guide to buying a house with trees on the property.  Why doesn’t everyone think in this way? Trees on your future property.

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