Water Courses

There is one main river basin that runs through Waltham Chase; the “Shedfield Stream” as it is known by the Environment Agency.  This is part of the South East river basin catchment area.  The Environment Agency supplied the following when asked about the stream: “WFD summary sheet for the Shedfield Stream (Standard Notice must be read before using this document) which gives you more information about the waterbody and the work due on the watercourse”.

The river is currently classified as having a status of  ‘poor’ for its Current Ecological Quality. High in ammonia and phosphates.

You can see the Shedfield Stream on the map by clicking on it’s name on this page.  The stream proceeds through Waltham Chase, through the Meon Valley Golf Course, south of Curdridge, Botley, to Fairthorne Manor and down past Swanwick as the Hamble and then out into the Solent.

The Shedfield stream, is classified as an ‘Ordinary Water Course‘  and is governed by Acts of Parliament which can be read on the HCC website on the ‘Ordinary Water Courses‘ page.

Hants County Council also issue a leaflet on Ordinary Water Courses. and their pages about Ordinary Water Courses.

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