Directory of Shedfield in 1927

Use this link to see a 1927 directory of  Shedfield Parish pdf file

This was transcribed from a well known directory.  It is interesting to note how many ‘market gardeners’ there were in 1927  in ‘The Chase’ (now known as Waltham Chase) and Shirrell Heath.

Note: The information provided by this transcription must not be used for commercial purposes, and all specific restrictions concerning usage, copyright notices, etc. apply.

There were 10 market gardeners in The Chase:

Benham Alfred
Fletcher Hy
Gamblin Jn
Holman Eliz (Mrs.)
Kirby Alan
Kirby James
Knight Alfred
Smith Frank
Smith Hy
Spencer Jas 

 and one fruit grower:

Dawes Tom Harry Mark 

one butcher:

Titheridge Walter

one builder:

Short Louis Alfd.

one farmer:

Ford Bertie Reginld.

one draper:

Downie Olive Dora (Miss)

If you have local knowledge that can correct this information then please let us know! Some entries do not have addresses so we can’t tell which village they were in.

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