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Hampshire Alert for local information

Or via email to your local team:


Your local police officers can be seen here  :here.

for non-emergencies, dial 101

Crime reports & statistics

You can see details of crimes in our village UK Crime stats and at this site Crimereports.

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2 Responses to Local Policing

  1. Peter Watson says:

    What I was unaware of is that the Police attended later on and two officers were allegedly assaulted. I sincerely hope that these stupid people face the long arm of the law, and justice is served.

  2. Peter Watson says:

    As a resident for some 10 years in Beaucroft Road Waltham Chase, I am somewhat saddened by the lack of consideration of other residents in this street. As a fairly light sleeper I have been awoken a cockerel for the last 3 months around 4 AM onwards each morning. I believe it is a fallacy that cockerels encourage chickens to lay more eggs, in fact I have heard that the egg production may even be reduce reduced due to a cockerel. Seeing as properties in this street are by council regulations limited to a maximum of dozen chickens for each property, it does seem to be pointless to have a cockerel especially as they don’t lay eggs! What I’m suggesting is that maybe the cockerel can be kept in a dark pen until a civilized hour and then open the pen each morning at a reasonable hour?
    The real icing on the cake for me was last night where a party of young people went on into the early hours with music thumping out and then the youngsters all yelling at each other when leaving the party, myself and others in the street did call the police and the noise reduced somewhat when they attended, as soon as the police left the music resumed! How very inconsiderate, especially in this weather where we are all trying to cool down after a hot day and get some sleep before going to WORK!
    I am not saying for one moment that parties or having chickens should be outlawed, but we all need to consider our fellow neighbours. Regards to All!

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