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The ONS (Office of National Statistics) publish information derived from the census and other data as Neighbourhood Statistics.  From this information we can extract data which is relevant for the village.

The village of Waltham Chase is split across two major areas or LSOA (Lower Layer Super Output Area) (Codes: E01023272 & E01023273) in ONS terminology and within those areas broken down into sub areas i.e.  E00118232, E00118233, E00118234, E00118235, E00118236, E00118242, E00118243.

For a  graphical display of the population aged 65 and over and a map of the population density (using the sub areas mentioned above).

The age distributions at each of the 2011 and 2011 census can be see below:


The number of dwellings in 2001 and 2011 can be seen here: Dwellings2011WC

The occupations can be seen on Occupations2011Census.

Land use statistics can be seen on the Land Use of Waltham Chase page.


Shedfield Parish Age distribution from 2011 census data


Source: Office for National Statistics


There were 3942 residents of the parish and 1607 dwellings, 1553 occupied.

The area of the parish is 1023 hectares.

Within the Meon Valley Parliamentary Constituency each of the individual ‘Output areas’ (OA’s) below can be seen on a map by selecting the area in the Civil Parish of Shedfield  :

Waltham Chase 32 137 39 E00118232
33 136 60 E00118233
34 144 13 E00118234
35 130 09 E00118235
36 142 36 E00118236
42 123 05 E00118242
43 130 55 E00118243
sub total 942 217 2338
Shedfield 37 100 453 E00118237
40 128 66 E00118240
41 100 58 E00118241
sub total 328 577 887
Shirrell Heath 39 126 100 E00118239
38 157 130 E00118238
sub total 283 230 717
Totals 1553 1024 3942

Open Spaces

Existing Recreational Areas (Hectares)

A Shedfield Recreation Ground* 0.2
B Waltham Chase Recreation Ground* 0.2
C The Triangle, Waltham Chase 1.0
D  Provene Gardens, Waltham Chase* 0.2
E Shirrell Heath Recreation Ground 0.7
Local Sports:
A Shedfield Recreation Ground 1.7
B Waltham Chase Recreation Ground 1.0
C The Triangle, Waltham Chase 0.6

District Sports:

General Use:                                                                                       In the adjacent countryside:

In the developed areas:

D             Provene Gardens, Waltham Chase                                         Shedfield Common


Taken from the ‘Winchester Open Space Strategy’ 2012.

Population DensityPopDensity2011


Source: Office for National Statistics

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