Shedfield Parish boundary

Shedfield Civil Parish (unit id 10016095) was created in 1894 from parts of Droxford and Hambledon .  April 1st 1932 – 283 acres were included from  Wickham CP and then April 1st 1967 – 9 acres were taken from Swanmore, 88 acres from Bishop’s Waltham and 1 acre from Curdridge[1].   In 1961 a total of 2,286 acres with a population of 2,142 [2].

The northern parish boundary with Bishops Waltham, Swanmore and Curdridge can be seen on the 1961 OS 1 inch sheet 180 – Solent  as a single dotted line ( dated 1952-1961                   1 inch to the mile – 7th Series).

Shedfield Parish Boundary 1961

It appears that none of the land north of the Curdridge Road and Forest Road were considered part of the parish.

Since that time the boundary has been shifted to include all of the land north of these roads up until the ‘gap’ between Waltham Chase and Bishop’s Waltham. This area includes the ‘Park Lug’ the  original enclosure boundary of the Bishop’s Park.

The current specification for the parish boundary can be found on the ONS website.

All the area of Provene, Ridings, Clewers Hill up to Forest Farm are now included in Shedfield Parish.

The Vision of Britain website has an entry for the shifting of the boundary over time.

The parish boundary can be seen here:-

Shedfield boundary map

The boundary can be seen more clearly in this enlargement with overlay:

Northern end of parish boundary

The Park Lug was believed to be part of the southern boundary of the Bishop’s Waltham estate. See the ‘A History of the County of Hampshire – Volume 3’ British History Online.

“Large roughly circular park marked by bank to west, and bank and ditch to east Park Lug, Waltham Chase

and south. Possibly of Saxon date. Likely that park equals the land passed to Bishop of Winchester in 904 A.D. in exchange for land at Porchester. Grid references for north and south points. Ref: 1. District Archaeologist. Ref: 2. P.H.F.C. Vol. 28, 1971.”

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[1] GBHGIS project
[2] Vision of Britain 1961 census report

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