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Local History documents

– written by Sue Rogers.

 compiled by Grace Emery.


As teenagers the two lads  Ivor & Kevan Bundell played at the concert to raise funds for the construction of the new village hall.  They have their own website:


To hear their song about Clewers Hill, Waltham Chase :

Clewers Hill: Peter Cluer was murdered at Waltham Chase, Hampshire, in the early eighteenth century. He now lies buried a few miles away in Droxford churchyard.

On the Bundell Bros. album “Stood on the shore” they perform a song about the Waltham Blacks.


We are very grateful to residents of Waltham Chase who gave their kind permission to use their photographs especially  Betty Daysh, Mrs Jones, Miss Wylie, A. Smith and many others.

See photographs of WalthamChase, some ‘old’ some new and the Photographs pages.

Listed Buildings

‘Images of England’ website also has photographs of the buildings:

Forest Farm

Church House

Spencer Place

3 buildings are listed by English Heritage on their website: www.HistoricEngland.org.uk

Forest Farm, Winchester Road

Church House, Clewers Hill

Spencer Place, Sandy Lane

Village hall history.

Housing developments in the 1920-1933.

Historical miscellany.

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12 Responses to History General

  1. Richard charles says:

    Currently researching the Knapp/Jonas/Robinson family; previous owners of Chase Mill. Any existing relatives known in Waltham Chase? Regards

  2. Sidney Hooper says:

    I have been a resident of Hillcrest Gardens Waltham Chase for 26 years, and have often wondered what he Nursery was like that was here before the houses were built in the early 70s,
    When you dig down in the gardens you find lots of old bricks , that I think were perhaps parts of the greenhouses .
    It would nice to know more about the old house.
    Hope that there is some history .
    Many thanks.
    Sidney Hooper.

    • martin1786 says:

      Hi Sid, yes we found lots of glass panes from the greenhouses under our garden at the end of Clubhouse, where we were told they grew tomatoes. It would be great to see a photograph of Hillcrest.

  3. wendy clough says:

    Hello from New Zealand, I love your web site being able to keep up with what is going on in the village. I enjoyed my cousin Sue Rogers memories of the village, like Sue I was born at 2 Bull Lane, Mum and I lived with Auntie Jess and Sue while our Dads were away at war.
    I have a lot of memories and family connections around the area. Keep up the good work.
    Best wishes.

    • martin1786 says:

      Hi Wendy thanks for the nice comments. It’s so good to hear from everyone who lived in the village. We had our Jubilee celebrations yesterday and will be reporting on those soon.

    • Roy Chamberlain says:

      Hi Wendy I think my mum used to live at no. two bull lane which would have been around the thirties I think

  4. Ms H Elliott-Summerlands says:

    I enjoyed reading Sue Rodgers article. I lived here during the late sixties and early – mid seventies. I remember the Conduct family. Andrew and Derek used to work at Jhansi lodge chicken farm which I lived next door to at The Bungalow, Clewers Hill, now pulled down and a smart bungalow built there. My mother used to sell apples from our orchard, also pulled down which is sad. I lived here during the late sixties and early seventies. I remember Woodwards shop the lady was very old who ran it. I also remember Taylors shop (Highfield Stores?) opposite Jhansi lodge Battery Chicken farm at the Clewers Hill cross roads and a butchers at the other cross roads, next door was a hairdresser. The Harman family lived in the house on the corner. I remember the cobblers shop and the smell too! There was a farm (Lower Chase Farm I think) on the left just up past the Taylors shop off Winchester Rd, , very old and shabby I think the road was called Lower Chase Road which went in to Swanmore. I used to work in there when I was 12 cleaning out the cow sheds and stacking hay bales. It was run by a cross eyed old woman and I never really understood what she was saying to me. Her son lived there too and never spoke to me I was scared of him and her for that matter!
    I also remember the Mushroom farm on Winchester Rd between the two cross roads and another farm that sold fruit and veg near the cross roads which had a strange boy who was always standing by his gate exposing himself and shouting rude things out.
    In Beaucroft Rd there was a newsagents shop run by the Bosworth family. The post office was run by a man called Cecil when I lived there and there was another small shop by the Crossroads which sold sweets but I don’t remember the name of it.
    In Clewers Hill there was a house owned by the Pond family, Pixie Pines was owned by the Mackecknies, Mrs Mackecknie was a midwife and she was killed in Dorset in a traffic accident which was sad. I used to play with her daughter. Next door to that was a retired Brigadier and next door to him was the farm owned by the Hans. Next door was the
    farm owned by the Butler family in which transported calves to Europe. Between the farm and the next house owned by the Goodfellows? was a yard up a tarmac track where Stokes fairground kept vehicles and had some wooden houses there too. I used to play with the Stokes children when they were there. Next door to Goodfellows was a house called Thark owned by the Barker family and next to that a horses field.
    I used to go to the Fountain Inn as I got a bit older but definitely underage! I remember Bill who used to drink in there and had a plaque up outside for a while saying Bills corner after he died but I think it has gone now. I remember The Black Horse when I got older and had a lot of fun in there when it was a biker pub with a chopper suspended over the bar! Also the Black Dog pub which had a fox in a cage in the garden in the 1960s.

    • martin1786 says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your memories of the village. They are wonderful. Could I possibly absorb them into the site as with Sue’s? Have you any photographs that we could copy onto the site? Thanks Martin

    • Matt Larcombe says:

      The sweet shop near the cross roads was always known affectionately as the mace in the late seventies and eighties before it was pulled down and turned into the village stores and bike shop. Matt Larcombe (resident of provene close from 1978 – 1996)

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