Power generation application

“In Waltham Chase we have a beautiful ancient walk, part of the mediaeval PilgrimsTrail from St Swithin’s Winchester to Rouen in Normandy. Our part of it goes from opposite Anatolian to an exit onto the Botley Road opposite Station Road to the Palace.
HCC signposts name this part of the trail The Millennium Way, and also The Alan King Way, in honour of a celebrated naturalist councillor.

If we do not act this heritage walk will be marred by the view of 10 chimneys each 6m. tall belching plumes of smoke for 11 hours a day every day of the year for 25 years. And that is just the initial permitted level. Inevitably there will be nothing to stop further chimneys and longer hours happening later.

I recommend local people to try out this walk which runs roughly parallel to the Winchester Road, which crosses 2 little bridges, and is an easy, mostly flat walk. Look out for the llamas in the field behind The Mill House.
If you enjoy it, imagine the 10 chimneys on the horizon, and if you don’t like the prospect of them, email or make an objection on the WCC Planning website.

Pat Staples

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