Clubhouse Lane then and now.

Clubhouse Lane when it was just a lane. The Smith family outside of the Clubhouse; Harriet, Marjorie, Bill, Fred.  Alongside the image today on a hot sunny day in July 2018.  Sadly the beautiful flint wall has gone but we do have Sara’s gauras brightening up the lane.

Photograph with the kind permission of Robin Smith

Thank you to Sue & Pat, the estimated date for the photograph is 1934.  The oak tree on the right-hand side was taken down over 40 years ago.  The building behind them is the piggery and that can still be identified on the 1964-1966 map of Waltham Chase:-


The oak tree on the right that was mention was outside of Westfield.

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  1. pat staples says:

    From clothes and hair styles, late 20’s, early 30’s

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