Housing Developments in Waltham Chase

In an effort to document the housing developments in Waltham Chase over the decades this map was produced. You can click on an area and see the number of houses built and the developer in some cases. ‘Mouse over’ and this will show you the area in hectares of the site.
You can expand the map to a larger view by clicking the ‘link’ symbol to the left of the ‘Carto’ word at the bottom of the map.
If there are any errors in the data please let me know.   If you have any updates on the sites please send me the details. Most of the information comes from the WCC website or from information from members of the community.

The following map has a decade selector. Either click on a decade on the bar or select a range with the sliders. Press ‘clear’ to see all decades.

To view in a larger map click here.

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