Doorstep Scam – Upper Swanmore

Dear All,

Unfortunately, one of our constituents he has been the victim of some fairly unscrupulous doorstep scammers who persuaded him that he needed completely inappropriate spray foam insulation installed in his listed property (to the tune of £10k!). WCC have contacted HCC Trading Standards to inform them and have also contacted other Conservation Officers from across the county to see if anyone else has had anything similar happen so we can pass the details on to the relevant authorities.  This is the second scam by the same company we have had reported in the last week, both of which have targeted the elderly. We are going to be working the householder to see what can be done to reverse the damage that has been caused

Historic Environment Conservation Office

Winchester City Council,

Colebrook Street,

Winchester, SO23 9LJ.

For technical advice on how to alter and repair your Listed Building or guidelines on Conservation Areas please visit:

Heritage & Conservation • Winchester City Council

Archaeology and the Historic Environment Record Use the Historic Environment Record Enquiry Form to make a HER enquiry. Conservation Areas Designated by local …

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