End of an era!

I have decided due to my own commitments to stop updating the village website.

There is only a low level of interest in the website and it has been running now for 10 years in one form or another.

The end date that I am aiming for is the 1st July 2016.

This does mean that all of the existing items will be left on the website and not updated until I decide to delete the website.

If there is anyone who wishes to take over the updating then please let me know.

It has been a privilege to be involved in the village in this way and I am very grateful to all those people who did contribute with comments and articles.

There are portions of the website that depend on the ‘paid  for’ parts that I will not be keeping so some facilities will disappear with time.

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2 Responses to End of an era!

  1. gordon larcombe says:

    Hello Martin – sorry to hear that you will be leaving the website: I found it interesting to browse. However, I appreciate that it is quite a commitment and responsibility to maintain it. I will email you my May update for the nature diary at the end of this month and will then call it a day on that too as the information is becoming a bit repetitive after four years. I do thank you for giving me the opportunity to raise the awareness of the wildlife in Clewers Lane and I hope that in some small way we may have helped to conserve it for future generations. All the best – and thanks once again, Kind regards, Gordon Date: Wed, 25 May 2016 09:02:49 +0000 To: gordonlarcombe@hotmail.com

  2. karen anderson says:

    Hi. I’ve appreciated receiving emails although I have never been very savvy to work out exactly how and who posts things. It has been good of you to do this for 10 years and, although such sites get taken for granted, I’m sure it’s been very appreciated. I am hoping the wonderful nature diary will still continue. Also dates and contacts for litter picking .. I never manage to get in on that .. I pick up litter on my own doorstep (well not JUST my doorstep) and we go all the way to the coast to do beach cleans with SAS, so it seems unfortunate not to join in with a local team of like minded people but I never seem to see the date. Thank you again and good luck.

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