W.I. May report

As AGM’s go, this year’s went very smoothly, we had the normal meeting first when Chris Denny, stood in for Jenny Carter, leading the meeting and Bridget Jones, our Secretary, welcomed our ‘Advisor’ Denise Sutton and a Fair Oak WI member, training to be an advisor. She gave out the notices for the coming year events, reminding us that on June 1st, several members will be ‘cleaning for the Queen’, so if you see someone in hi viz jacket picking up litter, give them a toot. After the mornings litter pick we shall be enjoying a cream tea at Chris’s house. All places have been filled for the Group quiz and we are looking forward to our trip to the Lavender fields, and Shedfield WI’s strawberry tea. It was also decided to continue with the renewed Autumn skittles evening, which is open to friends and families.

Denise, our Advisor then conducted the AGM. Jenny Carter has stood down as President after two years of good work and Chris Denny was voted in as our new President, with one member joining the committee; all present members were happy to remain. We then turned our attention to the Resolutions put forward from W.I.’s to present to the Government. This year there were two. The first one was to call upon all supermarkets to cut back on food waste; however, a proposed amendment has been made, as someone has pointed out that Supermarkets are already doing everything they can to avoid food waste. We then listened to the second which was to make sure that Dementia patients in hospitals for unrelated illnesses had special care and consideration and that their carers should be allowed to visit them at any time of the day and to help with their emotional care. This resolution was voted in by everyone.

Our June meeting will not be in the hall as members are going on a walk near Swanmore and then meet up with other members for a meal at the Hunters. Our July meeting to be held on the 12th will have a Speaker, namely Mrs J Theobold on ‘Life & Other Problems’ Do come along at 7.15pm if you would like to join us.

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