W.I. November report

Waltham Chase W.I.

The October meeting was very interesting, made so, by Mr Andrew Elms. He was a dairy farmer, and after working all hours producing milk for very little return, decided in 2002 to diversify and grow lavender. His crop is grown with conservation in mind and no fertilizers or pesticides are used. It is a haven for wildlife. Over the last 13years they have developed to now having weddings in the field of lavender and making their own products ranging from essential oils to dog shampoo and chocolate. They have open days and we are all interested in visiting next year.

November was a social evening, where we all watched a presentation of a visit ten members made to the recycling plant at Portsmouth. It showed how all the rubbish we collect is sorted and turned into electricity. Our member Lynda used her tekki knowledge to prepare everything and did an excellent job.
After the ‘business’ part of our meeting, we enjoyed food prepared by members and tested ourselves with a quiz; followed by the judging of the competition ‘The best homemade shortbread’
Our next meeting is for members only as we are having our Christmas dinner instead of a meeting, but anyone who would like to join us, we will be in the hall on the 2nd Tuesday of January @7.15pm

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