Draft Local Plan Part 2 – update

Extract from ‘Parish Connect’ e-newsletter

Changes to draft Local Plan Part 2, following on from the consultation held in late 2014, will be reported to two meetings of the Cabinet (Local Plan) Committee. The first meeting will be held on Wednesday 16 September 2015, commencing at 9.30am. The second meeting will be on Tuesday 6 October. Officers from the Strategic Planning team will be in contact during late July/August with those Parishes that have settlements where sites are being allocated for development in Local Plan Part 2. They will discuss proposed changes to the Plan in light of representations received.Papers will be published in advance of the scheduled committee meetings, on the committee pages of the Council’s website. Once the changes have been approved, the whole Plan will need to be finally agreed by Council at a special meeting on 21 October 2015.

The amended Plan will then be published during November for six weeks consultation. This will be the ‘Pre-Submission’ consultation, which will focus on the ‘soundness’ of the Plan, prior to submission for examination during spring 2016. Planning legislation states that the purpose of an independent examination is to determine in respect of the Local Plan:

a) whether it satisfies the necessary legal requirements and
b) whether it is ‘sound’. To be determined as ‘sound’ the Local Plan must be:-
i) Positively prepared
ii) Justified
iii) Effective
iv) Consistent with national policy

Further information and updates will be provided in advance of the publication of the Pre-Submission Local Plan.

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