Proposed Housing developments – updated




Now we have all the proposed developments under way, except for Morgan’s garage area.

Please refer back to the October  2013 document:  housing-development-in-waltham-chase where the statement was…

"Whilst development might be over the 20 year period the sites...."

it appears that the development will take place in the next five years not twenty.   Leaving the favoured site (Morgan’s) – “It was clear from surveys and local groups that this site would be most favoured for development.”  until much later.

Clewers Lane development for Aster Homes  has started with the removal of trees and the entrance way being made.

The planning application  for  Forest Road proposed by Bargate Homes for development south and north is already in place.  The arboricultural survey as well as others can be seen on the WCC website.

Planning application by Hyde Group for 13 new houses behind S&S Diesels in Lower Chase Road.

So 81 houses in Forest Road, 63 in Sandy Lane,  30 in Clewers Lane, 13 in Lower Chase Road meaning a total so far of 187 and only one site left that has the possibility to attract more housing that any of the other sites refer back to the PCC document October 2013 – “The only sizeable SHLAA site within the current settlement boundary is Rosehill Garage”.  Therefore to meet our quota (see  Sep. 2013 WCC document and also WCC Waltham Chase Datasets Aug. 2013 page 5 – both  pdfs) we only need 32 houses in Morgan’s as other houses have already been built.

WCC have a map of all of the sites (as a pdf) submitted to them and the WCC list of sites after being put through their ‘sieve’ process.

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3 Responses to Proposed Housing developments – updated

  1. J Hammond says:

    Affordable housing means part rent part buy and is basically the same as social housing.

  2. Walking Pierre says:

    There is also an application 15/00952/FUL for 13 new houses “Land Adjacent To Ludwells Farm Lower Chase Road Waltham Chase.”

  3. Dorothy quiney says:

    No social housing to rent then, only affordable – whatever that means on such a desirable countryside site.

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