Sainsbury’s Bishop’s Waltham plan scrapped

BBC article announces that Sainsbury’s planned supermarket at Bishop’s Waltham is not to go ahead.

A proposed Sainsbury’s store at the centre of a planning row in a Hampshire town will not now be built, the supermarket giant has confirmed.

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2 Responses to Sainsbury’s Bishop’s Waltham plan scrapped

  1. patstaples says:

    Great news for BW. Our lovely little town will not have to suffer that ugly greenhouse building with its highly lit city centre style esplanade right next to our precious ancient monument. It will not suffer the hugely increased road traffic volume, both of shoppers’ cars and all night delivery lorries, on it’s inadequate access roads. The local traders who now offer a really interesting array and quality of goods that already attract so many paying visitors to the local economy and who are already creating jobs, will not be forced out of business by a large price cutter who will dumb down all choice, and who will only provide the lowest paid jobs for the locals they have made unemployed. Great for local producers who are not big enough to supply a centrally sourced supermarket.
    I guess we owe Sainsbury’s change of mind to Aldi and Lidls, as contrary to all Sainsbury’s high and mighty protestations of working for the good of the local area, apparently taking in our city and parish councils, they were only ever really motivated by potential £millions of profit in their own pockets.

  2. Dorothy quiney says:

    BW are the losers! No surgery, no free three hour parking, no improvements in Station Road or The Square, no pedestrian crossing, no choice in shopping choice, no extra business/parish rates and no employment opportunities – I could go on. Will ask Sainsburys to reinstate the free bus service, they obviously need the business
    Who is going to look after the South Pond which is part of the parcel? What then is the future for BW Fishing Club?

    Future – and they all lived in little boxes and they all looked just the same. Just hope the planners demand a high quality design for all developers as they did for Sainsbury due to the Conservation Area, proximity to The Palace Ruins and views from Botley Road. I wont hold my breath!

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