Village Hall history

A fine site. Thanks. Waltham Chase was our old stomping ground when we were teenagers.  We had a hut in the back garden of Ingleside (then owned by the Gateshills, now by Jon Bailey et al).  It was given to us by Commander Phillimore (of Shedfield House).  We used to attend discos run by the Vicar (Laurie Marsh) in the old Chase Hut. We played at a concert organised by Miss Wylie to raise funds for the new Village Hall too.  Etc.

Thanks for including the link to our website and for the links to our song Clewers Hill.


Ivor & Kevan Bundell

PS Have you listened to our song ‘Waltham Blacks’ page 1.html

PPS How would you like a concert in the Village Hall to raise funds for the charity of your choice – including the Village Hall !

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One Response to Village Hall history

  1. patstaples says:

    Love the Clewers Hill song, as a current resident

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