Comment(s) on planning application 14/00685/FUL


” I am very concerned about 2 aspects of this application, both of which concern the detrimental effect this development would have on one of the few remaining country lanes in Shedfield Parish.

The first is the hedgerow, and the abundance of flora and fauna it is home to, as can be seen and experienced by looking at Gordon Larcombe’s monthly Diary of Clewers Lane, with photographs by the author, published on the Waltham Chase village website. The plans for this development disregard totally any protection for or preservation of this natural hedgerow.

This flies completely in the face of the opinion of residents of the whole parish of Shedfield, who responded to the surveys conducted by the Parish Plans Steering Committee in 2012 and 2013, saying how much they valued the natural hedgerows in the parish. Indeed the combined Village Design Statement and Parish Plan, to be published in early 2015, will make this abundantly clear.

Therefore I suggest that the Planning Officer concerned, or the chairman of Winchester Planning Control and Development committee, request from

their fellow councillors Roger Huxstep or Linda Gemmel, who are both members of the Shedfield Parish Plans Steering Committee, (committee website,

or from Shedfield Parish Council itself, who have been presented with the final draft of the Plans,

or from Steve Opacic, Winchester Forward Planning Officer, and Winchester Council Officer Steve Lincoln, who have both been heavily involved with approving the final draft of the Shedfield Village Design Statement and Parish Plan,

that they see a copy of the nearly formally accepted plans, before possibly approving this development.

It would be shameful, deliberately to ignore a democratically produced document that has taken volunteers over 2 years to produce, and that will become an Official Planning Document by mid 2015.

The second concern is the erosion of the edges of a narrow country lane with no footways that will inevitably occur with an increase of residential and commercial delivery vehicles that so many houses will bring to it, and also that the very sharp and narrow access with poor visibility onto the Winchester Road at one end of Clewers Lane, and the very precarious blind access onto Clewers Hill at the other end, are just not suitable to such an increase of traffic volume.

The proposal contained in the application, that traffic will use Meadow Gardens, the entrance to a housing estate off  Clewers Lane, to access the village facilities, is as unlikely as it would be unpopular with the residents of Meadow Gardens, Provene Gardens and Curdridge Lane.”

Pat Staples


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One Response to Comment(s) on planning application 14/00685/FUL

  1. G Larcombe says:

    I agree with Pat. It would also be a shame to lose the Hay Meadow and all that it supports. Similar developments have been proposed for this site since 1985 and have been rejected by WInchester during the planning process. Let’s hope for consistency and let’s hope our District Councillors also agree with Pat and have influence at WInchester.

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