W.I. September Report

Several visitors were welcomed to the meeting and hopefully they may decide to join us. We welcomed Mrs Gwen Appleton, a speaker who has visited us previously with several of her talks. We were not disappointed with her revelations of ‘Traumas of the Travel Business’ telling us about her time as a holiday host. Although the majority of her eight years hosting were funny and interesting, she did recall when dining at a sugar plantation in St Lucia, they were interrupted by robbers and unfortunately one of the group was shot. Mrs Appleton is thoroughly recommended.

The Group skittles are soon underway and we are meeting at the Kings Head in Wickham for the match. We can’t ever remember winning, so maybe this year will be different. Preparations are in hand for the afternoon tea at the village hall celebrating the 40th year of the opening of the hall. This tea is for people from Shedfield Parish over 65 years and is free and entertainment has also been arranged. We are all prepared for our jumble Sale on the 18th October at 1.30 and are pleased that the British Heart Foundation are still able to take all the remains of the jumble and make themselves a reasonable amount for their charity.

Our next meeting is Tuesday October 14th at 7.15pm and you will be very welcome to join us.


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