Keep Waltham Chase clean!

Well very glad Tara and I did Curdridge lane yesterday.

That freed up today for a little leisure time (first time for everything see photos below). Hope all went well for you all and that the rest of Waltham Chase is back to its beautiful self.

A few questions have been raised re areas – all I can add to that is this is very much a community effort and I would urge everyone not to wait for my ra ra and to perhaps do an hour in between picks (any help is always a great help) even if you want to go to an area that you feel may be someone else’s – please do so in between regular picks.

Thank you all


from Damien who gathered 8 bags,  inc half a car engine and two tyres, along Forest Road towards Shirrell Heath, Martin from Hillcrest picked 4 bags from shop to corner of Curdridge lane, Tara and I picked another 12 bags plus cleared up all the chaos where there was an accident after Christmas along Curdridge lane to where it changes speed at Curdridge sign.

Jan has been out and about too during the week clearing the ditches along New road and clearing Lower Chase road.

John & Sara  – “We have been out today and done Sandy Lane, Botley Rd Shedfield, Church Rd Shedfield, Main road Shedfield to Waltham Chase Post Office. John Went back for two car tyres he had mentioned previously plus a tractor axle from St Annes Lane.  He has cleaned the 30mph signs at the entrance to Waltham Chase from Shedfield. ………………Hope everyone enjoyed the “Litter Pick Day.”

Chris A.   – “I went out this afternoon and started from the Paradise Lane end of the village and worked my way back towards the village shop on the road side. There was a lot more litter than usual, probably due to all the windy weather. There was also quite a lot of car bits and pieces, especially where the very bad motor cycle accident was earlier this year. Some of the bits were just too bulky and/or sharp for me to fit into a sack. In the end I collected nearly two sacks worth. At Clewers Lane I met another litter-picker and her young son who had done from the shop to Clewers Lane (for which many thanks!)”

Damien  – “I picked up a carrier bag full of rubbish this morning on my early morning dog walk. I found a large pile of discarded McDonald’s packaging on Curdridge Lane near the junction with Provene Gardens and some random odd bits on the rest of my walk. I shall continue to pick up more as and when it’s necessary and is convenient (ie., it’s not raining! )”

Clearly a real lot of rubbish to collect yet but making our village look gorgeous ready for the Spring.

Thank you all                Gary Pothecary 07946 401536

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