Open Space Assessment 2013


Extract from Winchester City Council’s document which can be downloaded in .pdf format from their website by clicking the above title.

The open space standard for Winchester District, set out in Policy CP7 of Local Plan
Part 1: Joint Core Strategy, derives from the City Council’s 2008 Open Space,
Sports and Recreation Study. It stands at 4 ha per thousand people, compared
with the 2006 Local Plan standard of 2.8 ha. The revised standard is broken down
into 5 categories –
Type of open space     Quantity per 1000 population          Access
1. Allotments                                 0.2 ha                                                 480m
2. Equipped Children’s &
     Young People’s Play Space1  0.5 ha                                                   480m /650m
3. Informal Green Space            0.8 ha                                                   400m
4. Natural Green Space             1.0 ha                                                    700m
5. Parks, Sports &
     RecreationGrounds                1.5 ha (0.75 ha for outdoor sport) 650m
    Total                                           4 ha
The latest population statistics for the market towns are set out in a 2011
For the purposes of this assessment, the population of Waltham Chase is 2,616.
Applying the new standards to this figure, and comparing them with measured
existing provision, indicates whether there is a notional surplus or shortfall in the
quantity of open space for each category. Map-based and on-site surveys were used
to determine the accessibility, distribution and quality of open spaces in the
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