Keep Waltham Chase clean!

Martin from Hillcrest has completed shop to spring cottage, Tara and Gary completed their patch along Curdridge Lane.

Martin collected 3 bags, Curdridge lane contributed 6 bags (more wine bottles this time)

Please send any pictures and updates – please put as many bags as possible by side of bin at village hall.

Sue – “Have done from cut in clubhouse lane, down chase grove to main road, cut into rec, ditches around inside of rec and ditch on outside of rec (on main road) between the 2 gates/entrances to rec at each corner.

Couldn’t carry any more – lots of bottles – so lugged bag to bin at home!

Someone had attached a carrier bag to the fence around the play area – was that you, Lee and Eden?! – and was impressed to see that it was full of rubbish! Left it there, as assume it’s work in progress?”   Regards Sue

Lee  – “Yes put bag on in the week amazed people using it…      Will go there again next week”

Chris – “I went out this afternoon and collected a sackful of litter from Paradise Lane to the shop, where one of the workers was busy sweeping the frontage, by the way, so obviously doing his bit to keep the village clean! I collected slightly more litter than last time, which I put down to more being revealed which had previously been hidden by the long grass on the verges. Near the bus stop beyond the Triangle there was a sand bag, presumably a relic of the roadworks signage from earlier this year. I left it where it was as it was far too heavy to pick up.

A couple of days ago when returning with my daughter from our daily dog walk, we noticed a hired mini bus parked in the lay-bye opposite the shops. The vehicle’s windows were open and the occupants (at least six males) were obviously eating their lunch, which I assume they had bought, probably in the local shop. All over the pavement right next to the vehicle were numerous crisp packets, drinks bottles and cartons, sandwich packaging and even half eaten sandwiches. Neither the mini bus nor the rubbish were there half an hour before, when we had walked past the lay-bye as we set off on our walk. I can’t help thinking that the two events were connected!! However, I was so annoyed by the mess that I added it to my haul today, as the pavement side from the lights to Paradise Lane had not then been done. “

Regards Chris

Mal – “Team Ridings” did their normal patch this morning from The Ridings down the Winchester Road to the Black Dog and back. Most areas were pretty good with normal amounts of rubbish collected. The only two hot spot areas were; The Recreation Ground and the area immediately outside the Post Office that needed extra attention. Despite others having done the recreation ground, as was reported in an earlier email, some lovely person, and I use the term loosely, decided it would be a good idea to rip up paper into inch squares and scatter them between the play area and the transformer gate. Also, inside the actual play area were empty cans of energy drinks obviously left by youths who are unfamiliar with litter bins and just decided discarded them on the ground. Having said this the village is looking good due to the hard work of everyone in the litter pick teams.



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