Housing Development in Waltham Chase.

Shedfield Parish Council


(Incorporating the villages of Shedfield, Shirrell Heath and Waltham Chase)

A lengthy meeting was held with Winchester District planning professionals on 16 Sep 2013. The Parish Council wish to pass on to all residents of Waltham Chase the main points of discussion and the outcomes,

Since the Blueprint exercise, which was carried out some 3 years ago, we were aware that our village of Waltham Chase was earmarked for growth. We have also recently discovered that the government planning inspector determined that this growth should be 250 houses over the twenty years from 2011, of this, 40% is to be affordable housing.

Timescale is important because the Local Planning Policy Part 2 which identifies the sites available for development over the whole of Winchester District has to be completed in the early part of next year. Whilst development might be over the 20 year period the sites have to be determined by the end of this year to ensure this planning policy is achievable and deliverable.

The toughest task was to find the most appropriate sites to accommodate this amount of development.

To get to this stage the Parish Council has conducted a number of surveys and consulted many local groups as well as taking advice from professional planning bodies such as Highways, Landscapes, Open Spaces and Planning Law Advisors. Infrastructure support bodies have also been involved to overcome concerns regarding school places, business requirement, transport and future NHS demands.

The only sizeable SHLAA site within the current settlement boundary is Rosehill Garage on Winchester Road next to St John the Baptist School. It was clear from surveys and local groups that this site would be most favoured for development. Unfortunately, while this will be the first choice for development, this alone will not meet the housing demand required. More sites are needed and the only alternative is to extend the settlement boundary into the adjacent countryside.

Many contentious issues were raised through surveys regarding this solution, with none suggesting any other achievable or deliverable proposal. However, the following matters were brought to the attention of the professionals:

  • No large scale developments.
  • A preference for smaller, diverse style, sites.
  • Ease of access
  • Minimum adverse impact to our countryside.
  • Being part of the village.
  • No increase in coalescence with Swanmore.
  • Maintain the identity of Waltham Chase.
  • Little need for business parks
  • Lack of public transport
  • Flooding
  • Congestion

Following professional advice received from the Winchester District Council experts covering all planning aspects and, after briefing them on local public concerns, the best possible SHLAA sites shortlisted for clarification of landowner intentions, availability and co-operation have been identified and shown on the attached map [13OctProposedSettlementBoundary] (shaded areas). The proposed new settlement boundary is also indicated.

Prior to any development being finalised, the public will be consulted by District planners as well as intended developers to ensure your opinions are taken into consideration at the appropriate time.

More information is available at http://www.winchester.gov.uk/planning-policy/local-plan-part-     2/development-needs-and-site-allocations/waltham-chase/

Shedfield Parish Office, Upper Church Road, Shedfield, Southampton, Hampshire. SO32 2JB

Telephone: 01329 830060

Mobile: 07918 623009

Email: clerk@shedfieldparishcouncil.org.uk


Waltham Chase proposed settlement boundary

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