Conservation Volunteers

Historic heathland has helping hand

A group of volunteers are helping to restore a heathland back to its full potential. With only around one sixth of the heathland remaining compared to 1800 it is vitally important that we look after what is left. There are many creatures which are only found on heathland. These include reptiles such as sand lizard and smooth snakes as well as birds such as nightjar and Dartford warbler. Wickham Common has large areas of heathland which have the potential to provide valuable habitat for many creatures. However this is being taken over by silver birch trees which left unchecked with eventually turn the area into woodland.

Volunteers are joining forces with Hampshire County Council and The Conservation Volunteers to clear the silver birch and encourage heathland plants such as heather and gorse to re-establish. Using a mixture of loppers, bow saws and some muscle power the volunteers are making great progress in battling the birch.

We have further volunteer sessions planned at Wickham Common and we would welcome more volunteers to join us. We will also be doing pond clearance, fencing and hedge laying at countryside sites around Bishops Waltham.

If you would like to join us in looking after these valuable countryside sites then contact us via email on or phone us on 02380 402 593.

We are also running some workshops around the subject of sustainable community groups.  Full details can be found here

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