Keep Waltham Chase clean

Good evening fellow residents and welcome to the next edition of (keep waltham chase clean)

I would like to welcome 2 new pickers who have joined us sharing their passion of keeping our village litter free.

Martin who lives at top of waltham chase does so much for our local community including scout leader ship and Sue Nicholls contacted us via the waltham chase web site.  Thank you both.

I am sad that one of our original pickers Anthea will be moving home soon to Wiltshire (thank you Anthea and we will stay in touch) Anthea’s friend Jan will continue.

We also have received massive support from our neighbourhood warden Andrew Murphy who not only helps pick he has sponsored us with additional kit allowing more pickers to help as well as ridding any fly tipping within 24 hours that rarely takes place but is a blight when it does appear. Andrew then works to catch the culprits!! Great asset to our community.

Our local police both Susan and Catherine are also supporting Waltham Chase litter campaign whilst actively working with us to keep crime down making our village such a lovely place to live.

And now my fellow loyal pickers Waltham Chase needs you to commit just one or two hours either the 31 August or 1 September (or indeed weekend either side) time and place to suit you. If you have a favoured area then please feel free to roam and every bit of litter picked up is very much appreciated.

With all the news and my request can I please ask all copied in to this email to infirm your support  by 16th August – yes there will be stragglers but to help me I’d be grateful for a response allowing me to bring the litter pick to life.

Kind regards and thank you in advance Gary

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One Response to Keep Waltham Chase clean

  1. martin1786 says:

    Lee- Me …and Eden is a definite yes

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