Urban foxes

Have you sighted a fox in your garden recently?  Are they becoming bolder in their search for food?  Fox in garden

Have you heard or seen fights with your pets in the evening or night time?

I see quite a few foxes in my garden as we live on the edge of Waltham Chase backing onto fields. Sometimes they look fairly healthy but sometimes that look as if they have mange.

There are some excellent web sites including the National Fox Welfare Society ; discussing foxes, fox welfare , Wildlife protection and an event calendar.

Could anyone please let us know where ( as close as possible), when they have seen a fox in the village and if they have been spotted fighting pets or whatever activity they are doing.  It would be useful to hear whether they are in good condition or look ‘mangy’.

Please email: admin@walthamchase.org.uk  or just post a reply below.

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4 Responses to Urban foxes

  1. Pat Pinnegar says:

    We live down Little Bull Lane and have seen 3 fox cubs on several occasions coming across from the fields behind into our garden. They look very healthy and stay closely together. Occasionally see an adult which also looks in good condition.

  2. Dianne Portman says:

    Hi Martin,

    I saw a fox on my drive in Ashley Gardens three nights ago at 9.15pm and he was on my lawn at 10.15pm last night. Did not attempt to move when my daughter drove onto the drive.


  3. martin1786 says:

    ED: I have had a reply from the NFWS as follows: – “When foxes are heard but not seen fighting each other, people can wrongly assume the foxes are attacking and or killing a cat, even the police have been called out fearing a person is being attacked. So regarding the question have you heard foxes attacking pets, you may get more of a response with people thinking they have heard this, when in fact they haven’t. A lot of screams will be heard this time of year as the cubs (sub Adults) start growing apart and also sorting out ‘whose boss’.

    To be honest I am not quite sure where this question may lead ‘Are they becoming bolder in their search for food? Foxes on seeing humans in towns and cities will not run away, unlike the countryside foxes. Foxes have what is described as flight distance, in the countryside, this may be a field distance ie if a fox sees you, it will bolt. In the towns and cities, this flight distance may only be 7 – 12 feet. So someone standing 7 – 12 feet away clapping, then the fox may just stand and stare, waiting to see what the householders next move will be. If the householder moves two feet towards the fox, the fox will move back two feet ie keeping that flight distance between them and us. This enables a fox to turn tail and run if it needs too but people wrongly assume the fox is eyeing them up to attack as its doesn’t run away. Maybe also having a question like: Do you welcome the foxes in your garden in the knowledge that they will be killing rats and mice, gives pro fox people the chance to be counted.

    The reason I say this is the article does come over as somewhat ‘anti-fox’ and may disuade any pro-fox people from commenting. The final results would then seem like no one in the area likes foxes. We call people who feed foxes ‘The Secret Society’ as never will they shout about doing this, as any problems in the area with foxes will be blamed on them. This makes a lot of surveys appear that in all areas, the majority are anti-fox.

    I hope this helps
    Kind Regards

  4. Lorrie Smith says:

    Thanks Martin for this informative insert. It would be interesting to know how many foxes/wildlife there is here in Waltham Chase.

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