Cloud storage

In order to maintain this website we take regular backup’s of the site onto the ‘Cloud’. This is the most assured way of keeping a backup i.e. ‘offsite’ so that if anything happens either to the server or my home then we have a backup to recover the content from.

For the technically minded this backup is in the form of XML  along with any images; any programs that have been written are stored on a separate server and also copied to the cloud.

The company that we currently use for the backups  is the one that sells the LogMeIn PC product.  LogMeIn also have a free ‘cloud’ service, called Cubby,  giving each registered user 5GB of space.  This is adequate for the backup of essential items of this website but we can always do with more as the website expands.   When you follow this link to sign-up we would get another 1GB for use as the backup area for the website so please could everyone register and support the website.   This is a great place to store any of your digital photographs, spreadsheets or documents that you want to keep safe and secure. Having them stored in the ‘cloud’ also means that you can access them from anywhere that you can get an Internet connection.  Thank you for your help.


(Note: It’s called Cubby as in cubby-hole)

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