Protect our rural community!

Dear All,
In our local area we have noticed repeated violations and blatant disregard to planning decisions. This has allowed heavy industry to set up shop in the area, and put up buildings which break planning rulings. This is threatening to turn this rural area into an industrial park. Yet when they are challenged, the local planning authorities simply recommend applying for retrospective permission which is usually granted, with no or very little punitive measures for the initial contravention. So for the developers it is “fait accomplis”, with their worst case scenario being that they would have to remove the offending structure. This is not just a local issue, but is a national problem.
The Government has been using a new strategy whereby it is asking Communities to have their input and say on planning matters.  So, let’s give the Government what it wants by showing it what we want.
Please take a look at this e-petition set up by Andy Philpott, a concerned resident of our Parish, which seeks to plug this huge loophole in the planning process. When it reaches enough signatures it will be considered by Parliament. There is a long way to go, so if you value the quality of the area you live in, please sign. And please encourage others to take a look also.    Please feel free to use Facebook, any other contacts to let people know of this very important issue regarding retrospective planning and other planning problems.  .
Let’s plug that planning loophole together as a Community!!   Herewith the link to click on to:
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4 Responses to Protect our rural community!

  1. Peter Watson says:

    So some 2 weeks further on, I have done something and signed this petition as has Pat (No need to apologise you have made the effort). There is no visible input so far from our elected councillors or any response from anyone since the last post on this subject! Are our elected district councillors completely disinterested with this matter? And/or does apathy rule in Waltham Chase? Will our locally elected councillors support this e-petition? Maybe we need to have councillors who are proactive and not reactive?

    • patstaples says:

      I said sorry for being pessimistic about the possibility of anything changing, not sorry for signing the petition.
      Maybe apathy does rule, as you say, in Waltham Chase, and in Shedfield Parish, judging by the low level of responses received to the Parish Plans questionnaire.
      The VDS (Village Design Statement) and Parish Plan are certainly not going to be an all powerful planning tool, but they are an important start to local people influencing planning decisions, but in Shedfield parish too few people could be bothered to respond. Without a good response, despite the continued requests in the parish magazine, at local clubs, at local events, on-line on its own website ( and on this website, and at the local schools, the steering committee cannot produce representative plans if residents do not contribute too.

  2. pat says:

    Some of the examples of this practice that immediately come to mind are Church House Farm, Clewers Hill, Five Oaks Farm, Winchester Road, Woodmans Farm, Curdridge Lane,and land behind S and S Diesal, Lower Chase Road, and I am sure there are many more in the parish , as the practice of granting retrospective permission for blatent contraventions of Planning Permission, has become embedded in planning practice. Winchester Planning Officers call it , ‘regularising’.
    As we are now in for relaxed planning restrictions and much more development here in Waltham Chase particularly, I cannot see anything changing. Sorry.
    But I have signed the petition.

  3. Peter Watson says:

    While I feel that this is a good idea, it seems to me that the main problem with this is actually the local authority by allowing retrospective planning permission. Surely our locally elected district councillors could be doing something about this with the local authority? I do believe that one of our elected local councillors is or was a member of the Planning Committee at Winchester City Council? The point I’m making is that maybe there is a better chance of a positive result on a local level rather than attempting to fix our local problem nationally?

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