Winchester Community Safety Partnership

Extract from the ‘e-bulletin’ of the Community Safety Partnership

How to report Fly tipping to the City Council


Since the Neighbourhood Warden Team has returned to full strength one member of the team has been working with other departments in the City Council to refine the reporting process for fly tipping.
The main aim of this work is to streamline the reporting process and to avoid duplicate reports being recorded.

TyresWe now mark previously reported fly tipped materials with a spray painted ‘W’, so members of the public know that it is being investigated and the removal has been scheduled. If there is no marking fly tipped materials can be reported to the Council in a variety of ways:

Look out for further updates on this project in a future edition of the bulletin.

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One Response to Winchester Community Safety Partnership

  1. Gary and Tara Pothecry says:

    Great opportunity to keep our village litter free

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