Clewers Lane Proposal plans

The architects, MH Architects, have kindly sent the plans and artists impression for the proposed development at Clewers Lane.  If you click on the images below you should be able to see a larger version.

 Aster Communities questionnaire can be filled in here and the results will be emailed to your inbox as well as being vetted then sent on to Aster themselves.

Clewers Lane mapClewers Lane Overview

Clewers LaneArchitectsExtract  of inset from top poster to aid viewing:

Skecth extract fro poster  Gallery of photographs taken in Clewers Lane.  Most extracted from Gordon Larcombe’s ‘Clewers Lane Nature Diary’ with his kind permission.

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3 Responses to Clewers Lane Proposal plans

  1. I would like to comment that if this does go ahead then the developers should pay an enormous amount of attention to the ‘nature’ & ‘environmental issues of the two lanes Clewers Hill and Clewers Lane. There are a huge number of trees, shrubs and smaller plants and animals that use this hedgerow. This can be seen easily in the ‘Nature Diary (’ that Gordon writes for us. I have estimated the existing hedgerow length that will be a boundary to be approx. 600 feet. The drainage issue must also be addressed as it is too easy to just say there is a main sewer pipe that will take the outflow from the soak-aways. Waltham Chase does have a problem with storm water.

    • Southern Water will not permit storm water from soakaways to enter the main sewer! One only has to look at what has historically happened at Forest Close and Forest Gardens to see the effect of rainwater surge on the main sewers when heavy rainfall occurs!

      • That is exactly what the Planning Consultant for Aster quoted to me – that the soak- away’s would have overflows to run into the storm water drains. The rest of Waltham Chase has soak-away’s that don’t work! How can WCC allow this without upgrading the waste water system? Where can we find out more information about the waste water plans? It looks like £48 to get a plan of it from Southern Water.

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