Litter Pick report – Provene & Triangle

Litter Pick: Upper Provene and the Triangle including the associated parts of Clewers Hill and Clewers Lane

Upper Provene was mostly discarded cans, one poo bag, windblown paper and
wrappers and evidence of a badger kill, being a hedgehog skin, but as
badgers are not known in this area, the skin was probably found and dumped
there in the clump of trees.

As far as the Triangle and the two roads around it, not being the B2177,
sadly glass bottles prevailed including half a bottle of wine and a large
clear bottle poked into the bushes. Most alarmingly, from the point of view
for users of the Triangle is concerned, was the sherry glass found a short
distance from the football pitch. Also in one of the kerb side ditches I
found the neck of a broken bottle but not the body, and that concerns me
even more. On the road side was an amount of string and a metal pipe about
12 inches long. A somewhat curious thing to lose!


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