Sainsbury’s proposals for Bishop’s Waltham.

As you may be aware, Winchester City Council resolved to approve Sainsbury’s proposals for a new food store and Doctor’s surgery in April 2011 and planning permission was formally granted in December 2011 following the completion of a number of legal issues. Sainsbury’s planned to progress with the construction of the new store as soon as possible after the planning permission was formally granted. However, as a result of a single objection from a local resident, the Stopping Up of the public highway at Station Road, which is required to provide a safe and accessible pedestrian and cycle link between the proposed store and shops in the town centre, had to be discussed at a Public Inquiry in October 2012.

I am pleased to advise you that the Department for Transport (DfT) has resolved to allow the stopping up of Station Road, Bishop’s Waltham to motorised through traffic. The Government appointed Inspector who led the Inquiry, Mr John Wilde, recommended that the Order be made without modification.

As per DfT practice, there will now be a short period before the Stopping Up Order can be formally made. Sainsbury’s remains fully committed to providing a new foodstore in Bishop’s Waltham and once the SUO has been formally made, work can begin to prepare for the construction of the new store. We anticipate work on site could start in summer 2013.

I hope this update is helpful. Should you have any queries regarding this email, or wish to discuss our proposals in any further detail, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0845 602 1151 or by email at

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9 Responses to Sainsbury’s

  1. Maggie says:

    So any ideas why its nearly Nov and no activity at Abbey Mill ?

  2. pat staples says:

    The person in question is an extremely knowledgable man who has researched planning issues in Bishops Waltham for many years, so we should not dismiss his concerns out of hand. Perhaps an ancient right of way is more important in the long view than yet another battle for supremecy between Tescos and Sainsbury, who do not really care about Bishops Waltham only their share of the national cake. The North Pond does seem to me to be more important than easy access to yet more food retailing.

  3. Peter Watson says:

    Yes great news. This lone objector is a complete time and money waster in my opinion. The Sainsbury’s store and new doctor’s surgery will be built despite the efforts of some to interfere. Bishop’s Waltham will in my view not turn into a version of Shepton Mallet, it will go from strength to strength! Merry Christmas to all!

  4. Essential road improvements have to be completed first before the new store and DOCTORS SURGERY can be commenced but this was the best CHRISTMAS present ever for us. Not only the people of BW but all the surrounding area. No more all that traffic driving through Durley – what a relief that will be to the residents of that village! Extra free 3 hours parking on site will enable people to continue to visit our High Street shops and you wont have to shop in JS to take advantage. Have you been able to find a parking space in BW lately? BW is thriving, although a few traders might disagree with me. We must all remember though that these shops need us to continue using them or we will be left with more estate agents and hairdressers!

  5. jon d says:

    fantastic news shame 1 person caused all the problems and extra cost hope hes proud of himself

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