Winchester District Local Plan Part 2

Commencement of Preparation of Winchester District Local Plan Part 2 – Development Management and Allocations

Notification under the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning)(England) Regulations 2012


Winchester City Council wishes to hear from local communities, individuals and commercial businesses – in fact from anyone with an interest in the area, as the Council is about to commence  preparation of Local Plan Part 2 (formerly known as the Site Allocations and Development Management Development Plan Document).  


Local Plan Part 2 – Development Management and Allocations must follow the development strategy set out in Local Plan Part 1 – Joint Core Strategy, which is nearing adoption following an examination in late 2012. That document sets out the overall strategy for the amount of new development across this District and where this will occur, but it only allocates three key sites for development and has a limited number of more general policies.


Local Plan Part 2 will follow a similar structure to Part 1 and will include policies under the three area headings of:-

  • Winchester Town
  • South Hampshire Urban Area
  • Market Towns and Rural Area


Policies under these sections will allocate further land for development where necessary, whether for housing, employment or other purposes – all under the guidelines established by the policies in Part 1 and following the National Planning Policy Framework. Through the allocation of further land for development, there will also be a need to review some existing settlement boundaries.


Therefore, part of this notification process is to enable further sites to be submitted to the Council for consideration whether for housing, employment, retail or any other uses. If you have a site you wish us to consider please submit these details using the following form: Call for sites form .If you have already submitted a site for consideration under the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) then we already have this and there is no need to complete the ‘call for sites’ form.


In addition to allocating smaller sites for development, Local Plan Part 2 will also include more detailed development management policies. Also where boundaries are defined for the application of particular policies, such as settlement gaps and the definition of town centre/primary shopping frontages, this Plan will provide the opportunity for these to be reviewed to ensure that they are up-to-date and resilient to change given that the Plan period will extend to 2031.


Local Plan Part 1 includes a list of policies saved from the 2006 Local Plan Review and Part 2 will focus on replacing and updating these as necessary.


Local Plan Part 2 will only cover that part of the District the lies outside the South Downs National Park. The National Park Authority has commenced preparation of its own local plan with a view to adoption by 2016.


The Council considers that by including the matters referred to above in Local Plan Part 2 the Plan, together with Part 1, will provide comprehensive planning policy coverage for the Winchester District up to 2031.


If however, you feel Local Plan Part 2 should cover matters not referred to above, should exclude some matters referred to, or you wish to submit a site to be considered, please write to:-


Head of Strategic Planning

Winchester City Council
City Offices
Colebrook Street
SO23 9LJ

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