Community Infrastructure Levy

To:  L A Smith Shedfield Parish Residents’ Group – LDF Ref:  20008

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule – Consultation

I am writing to inform you that Winchester City Council has recently prepared a Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule to set out its proposed CIL charging rates. The CIL enables authorities to raise finance for infrastructure by imposing a charge on development within their area.

The Government believes that this tariff-based approach will be fairer, faster, more certain and transparent than the system of planning obligations. Funds collected through CIL will be spent by the Council on the infrastructure needed to support the development of their area. Each authority can decide its priorities for expenditure, and there is a wide definition of infrastructure, from transport and schools to cultural and sports facilities.

The CIL charge may be levied on different land uses (for example, residential, retail, commercial and so on) and will be charged per square metre of new development (a new building or an extension) over 100 square metres of gross internal floorspace, or on the creation of additional dwellings.

The City Council has gathered evidence relating to infrastructure (as part of its Local Plan preparation) and economic viability, which is available to view on the CIL pages of the Council’s website:–cil-/

The Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule is now subject to a formal consultation period from Friday 14 December 2012 to Friday 1 February 2013.

Comments must be received by 12.00 pm on 1 February and should be made in writing to:-

Head of Strategic Planning
Winchester City Council
Colebrook Street
S023 9LJ

Or by email:


Steve Opacic

Head of Strategic Planning

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