Details of a proposal to develop Clewers Lane

The Aster Communities document concerning proposed development of the land adjacent to Horton Barns, Clewers Lane, Waltham Chase SO32 2LP by  Aster Homes .

‘Presentation to Shedfield Parish Council 19th November 2012‘.

 It lists 30 dwellings, of which 40% are ‘affordable housing’:-

are 1x  bed flats for affordable rent,

10 are 2 bed houses & bungalows with 2 for shared ownership and 3 for affordable rent (including two bungalows), 

12 are 3 bed houses & bungalows with 1 for shared ownership and 2 for affordable rent, 

and 4 x 4x bed houses for open market sale.

Minutes of the Shedfield Parish Council meeting should be filed here and an image of the plan for the area.

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9 Responses to Details of a proposal to develop Clewers Lane

  1. martin1786 says:

    Reply from District Councillors, R Huxstep & L Gemmell:
    “I regret that Linda and me have little power over what applications come forward from developers. The most we can do is to ensure that they are debated by the Planning Development & Control Committee after their submission and the planning officers have made their recommendations. We can then speak in support or opposition according to our assessment of the application in relation to our communities wishes but within planning policies. The actual determination is out of our control.

    I have made my views clear in that I believe Waltham Chase is already overdeveloped and we should be looking for fresh pastures especially for affordable housing.”

  2. Peter Watson says:

    It would seem in your 3rd paragraph of your previous response on the 18th December where you state “and we have no GP surgery in the parish” that this must be your opinion otherwise why state it? As for the local Primary School being oversubscribed, as a parent myself I have heard from the principle of that school that the main reason for this is that many parents want their child to attend St Johns and so move in to the area for that reason, and then move away, but leave their children there. Interestingly I expect that this is possibly still the case, when I enrolled my daughter at St Johns some 7 years ago Bishop’s Waltham and Wickham Primary schools had vacancies and our daughter was lucky enough to get the last place at St Johns.
    I believe one of the biggest problem most local authorities have to face these days is what I would call the “Not in my back yard” syndrome.
    Maybe some of the few will have to endure some change for the benefit of the needy, and the benefit of many? Maybe purchase of private land needs to happen for road widening, and Highways need to work smarter to ensure road safety, you surely can’t believe that anything like this has not been done before? Note also that even 60 cars over a 24 hour period is an average of less than 3 cars per hour, I suggest very little to complain about.
    Lastly might I suggest that any development that has to be what “the majority” in any parish wants, surely that would bring the already troubled building industry to its knees, as no one would be able to get planning permission to build on, extend or build new houses? How will that improve the housing situation locally or the economy for that matter?

    • patstaples says:

      I am not a ‘nimby’, indeed I have already commented to others who live in or nearer to Clewers Lane than you or I do, that I am not against this housing development per se.
      But after reading the beautiful wildlife diary of Clewers Lane, I commented that it would be distressing to lose this aspect of our country parish.
      I also wished to note, that from the initial results of the Parish Survey, the overriding view of respondents were;

      antipathy towards industrial vehicles in rural roads,

      a perception that we already have too many houses built without sufficient parking provision,

      that we need a GP surgery in Shedfield to cater for the present number of residents,

      that we do not have enough places in the primary school for the children of existing residents,

      and also that since the majority of people either moved here because of the rural location, or say they live here because of the rural location, it would seem to fly in the face of localism, wantonly to destroy the rural character of the parish for the sake, not of providing the low value or rental units that people say they need for young people and elderly people, but for the profit to be made for a developer from the market sale of 3/4 bedroom houses, each of which will bring at least another 2 cars to a narrow country lane, and more pressure upon already inadequate facilities.

      • Peter Watson says:

        I am fairly sure that I have not stated on this forum that I think you are a NIMBY, have I? I simply referred to what some of the local authorities have to deal with in regards to planning.
        Please bear in mind that we are both just expressing our opinions on this forum.
        With respect to the Clewers Lane Wildlife Diary I completely agree, but we also have to consider the reality of our world with the lack of jobs in the construction industry, as well as the shortage of housing. This housing surely has to go somewhere? Maybe we all have to give a bit of tolerance for the benefit of all?
        Well heaven forbid that someone such as a developer make a profit out of building houses that provide jobs for the local community and residents, those employees then possibly spend their money locally and help the local economy? We wouldn’t want that would we?
        On the subject of inadequate local facilities, should we not be getting in touch with our local MPs and district councillors and expressing to them what we feel they need to get on with as our elected members? Or do they only listen to us when an election is looming? Maybe they should get involved with this forum and debate with us?
        In regards to localism surely it has to live with the reality of the real world?
        It’s all food for thought. Wishing all on the forum a very Merry Christmas!

  3. patstaples says:

    Of course we do need more affordable housing in Waltham Chase, but the Blue Print exercise showed that residents think we need more small units for rental, not 3 and 4 bedroom houses for market sale.
    Our lanes are already overcrowded with cars with nowhere to park. The Parish Survey showed that residents think car parking and poor road maintenance are major problems already. How will narrow little Clewers Lane cope with 50/60 extra cars using it daily, as well as all the add-on delivery traffic a developent brings with it.
    Add to that the fact that the single primary school in the parish is already oversubscribed, and we have no GP the parish. The addition of 30 units of housing will make this situation even worse for our existing residents.
    I do not think Mr Watkins has thought through the implications of his comments.

    • Peter Watson says:

      Indeed rental properties, of a smaller size are needed in this district. However I very much disagree with Ms Staples as Bishop’s Waltham will have a new Doctor’s Surgery soon, despite many who objected to that project for Bishop’s Waltham. Wickham already has a new Surgery.Of course an increase of infrastructure will be needed, such as expansion/widening of Clewers Lane. Access to the Main road will be relatively simple.

      • patstaples says:

        It was not my opinion that Shedfield needs a GP surgery of its own (so disagreeing with me does not make sense), but it was the majority opinion of the respondents to the Parish Survey, who said independantly and not in answer to a leading question, that they wanted a surgery in their parish. Perhaps the prospect of a new surgery in Bishops Waltham, if it ever happens, and the new surgery in Wickham, funded by the doctors themselves, made residents of Shedfield want their own surgery more, I do not know. But since the lack of public transport in Shedfield was also a big complaint from survey respondents, I’ll guess that surgeries in Bishops Waltham and Wickham, old or new, are not ideal for the elderly, the non-drivers, and mothers and children in Shedfield.

        As to widening the access to Clewers Lane from the Winchester Road, this would not be possible without the purchase of land from private landowners on either side, and even then the visiblity along the Winchester road would have to be 90m in either direction to satisfy Highway Safety standards.

        And it would sacrifice all the wildlife to be found in this narrow country lane, for the sake of a development for which we do not have the evidence at present that it is what the majority in the Parish would want.

  4. Peter Watson says:

    I think this is needed, unlike the 41,000 capacity chicken house/shed that has recently quite shamefully been approved to be constructed at Raglington Farm Shedfield, where every 25 chickens are crammed in to an area of one square meter.This increases production and I suspect odour and rodent problems by some 33%! Surely housing for people is more important?

    • Peter Watson says:

      Further to my last comment I’d like to point out to local authorities the semi-derelict house next to the Waltham Chase Village hall, that has been uninhabited for at least 8 years, maybe longer. Is this not rather sad that in this day and age with a shortage of houses, and many in this country in these hard financial times are homeless that this eye-sore is redundant. I believe that the local authority needs to step in here and make the owner do something.

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