Litter Pick report – Provene

It was lovely to drive through Waltham Chase yesterday afternoon and not see a single discarded can until I almost reached the Forge, a tremendous effort just as your photo shows.

As you may know my area includes the tree and grass area at what I call Provene Heights, the triangle and roads that surround it. I also doubled up on the short stretch of Winchester Road between the Chase Inn and the first right turn from there to Clewers Hill. I don’t want anyone to take umbridge to think I was checking on them or being picky but I walk this area daily and know the light plays tricks depending on the time of day. Sometimes you spot things, other times you miss ithem, and there was a food carton in the hedge which I wanted to retrieve with my landing net extension pole, a Stella bottle (low down the bank) and a can (in the hedge) . I knew they were not going to be easy to spot and it was worth me looking because I got all three.

In fact I had not collected litter in this area for a fortnight. Provene Heights being very damp was not as bad as usual and it was the sweet papers on the road that was most disappointing.

The triangle was also a lot better, again I think due to the damp ground. Two weeks ago I cleared a number of cans form behind the green seat (in the far corner)

Anyway my total collection this weekend, in addition to paper waste and sundry items, was

13 cans including a full can of Fosters with a broken ring pull
10 plastic bottles
7 glass bottles including a wine bottle
4 dog filled dog poo bags (one hidden in a pipe, two in the hedge and
the fourth in the road)
3 pegs
Half a child’s sword
A heavy duty cable and connections about a meter long Open Reach cable
cuts and an allied fitment

Plastic sheeting and an empty sand bag

A two inch wood screw (from the road side in Provene)

I still think we need to educate people. Just imagine if what we collected did not represent two weeks worth or three months worth but 10 years worth. Just imagine how many ditches are blocked, how many small animals perished, how untidy the place would be, how many rats would live in the village..

All the best


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