Litter Picking – November

Dear all

Thank you to all who have responded which makes my chasing up an awful lot easier.

Apologies that I haven’t responded to those earlier.
Any way on a positive re your village can I please ask remaining few volunteers (below) to confirm to enable me to ensure the whole village gets a spring clean pre Christmas.
Jenny Abbot
Pete (Lindon)
Sarah and John
Berenice (new)
I am pretty sure Kev and his crew have already done from lights to Black Dog but also very sure that pre 10th November there will be sufficient litter to collect along this stretch if any one else wouldn’t mind helping.
Finally I would love to all meet up for a drink over Christmas and suggest 16th Dec at Black Dog. – husbands, wife’s, partners all very welcome (I would really appreciate an indication of numbers).
Take care all and look forward to hearing back an indeed your support over November to spruce up your village – either your patch or any where.
Kind wishes

07946 401536

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