SheDS Parish Plans

Over the summer members of the Shedfield Parish Plans Committee have been hard at work analysing the responses received to date to the Parish Survey.

Jim Coleman  produced a spread sheet and Margaret Jones and her team have spent many hours entering all the data.

All respondents had taken the survey seriously and all opinions will be recorded and taken into account when producing the Village Design Statement and the Parish Plan.

Swanmore College of Technology and St John The Baptist Primary School have been asked to participate in the on-line survey, which it is hoped will mean more responses from families with children, as this group had not been well represented amongst the respondents to the survey so far.

There has been some discussion by the committee about Shefield producing a Neighbourhood Plan.

A Neighbourhood Plan is the latest idea from the government and will carry much more weight than a Village Design Statement or a Parish Plan.

The editor’s definition of the differences between these documents is;

a Village Design Statement is an official planning document retained by the local Planning Authority wherein residents of a parish describe the type and characteristics of developments they would like to see in their parish

a Parish Plan is a record kept by the parish of the hopes and aspirations of parishioners at this time for their parish

a Neighbourhood Plan pinpoints exactly in which locations and what size and type of development members of the group producing the Plan require. This can also include areas where they do not want development.

The intention is that this will free up more areas for development, but although in towns and cities any group or association can produce a Neighbourhood Plan, in parished areas, only parish councils can do it.

So far in this area only a few parish councils, Bishops Waltham and Denmead are two, have decided to produce Neighbourhood Plans.

Winchester City Council seem not to be encouraging parish councils to produce Neighbourhood Plans.

The Shedfield Parish Plans Committee feel that whether Shedfield Parish Council does or does not decide to produce a Neighbourhood Plan, in either case the Village Design Statement will be of great value, either if it stands alone, or if it informs a Neighbourhood Plan.

Pat Staples, SheDS Publicity Officer.

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  1. martin1786 says:

    Please note that there is now a Shedfield Parish Website.

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