TPOs in Shedfield Parish

The task of identifying all the Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) for the parish has been completed.  We now have, as far as we can ascertain, a spreadsheet containing details of all the TPOs.

Data was kindly obtained from Winchester Council by Linda Gemmell and that together with existing plans and details already held enabled us to construct this list.  We already hold photographs of some of the trees covered by  TPOs but we would like to get many more. So if anyone can help by looking to see if a tree that they know is not included in the photographs then please take one and send it in.  Even if a tree isn’t included on the TPO list and you think that it is a ‘notable’ tree then please photograph it and send it in. We will then add it to the existing list of notable trees.

Email address:

The ‘interactive map’ of TPOs hasn’t yet been updated to reflect the new data as it is under reconstruction, but the trees that are shown on there are correct.

We would also like to thank Andrew Archard and Mal Rowland for their help in getting to this stage with the tree project.

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