WCC Local Plan

Local Plan Part 1 (Joint Core Strategy) – Examination dates set

The Winchester District Local Plan Part 1 – Joint Core Strategy was submitted to the Secretary of State in June and will now be subject to an Examination by an independent planning inspector. Nigel Payne BSc (Hons), Dip TP, MRTPI, MCMI has been appointed to conduct the Examination and the public Hearings will commence at 09.45 am on Tuesday 30th October 2012in the Guildhall Winchester (Walton Room).The Council has set up an Examination web page containing information about the hearings, including the latest programme.  Details of the Programme Officer, Rosemary Morton, are also included for anyone wanting details of the process or programme.

Some Parish Councils are registered as participants in the Examination, as they made comments on the Pre-Submission or Submission versions of the Plan.  But there will be other participants who will raise issues relating to your Parishes, particularly landowners or developers promoting development in the larger villages with a housing target (Local Plan Policy MTRA2).  Some Parishes may also be affected by the Plan’s strategic allocations at Barton Farm, North Whiteley and West of Waterlooville.

Therefore, the City Council has suggested, and the Inspector has agreed, that there should be a ‘Parish Council Seat’ for those hearing sessions considering Policy MTRA2 and the strategic allocations.  This will be shared between relevant Parishes to allow them to take part in the hearings when there are discussions specifically about the planning strategy and development targets for their areas.  The current programme envisages discussion of the Market Towns and Rural Area policies on 6 November (Issue 8) and the Inspector suggests that discussion of individual MTRA2 settlements would be in the afternoon (starting at 2.00pm).  The Programme Officer has written to Parish Councils affected so please liaise with her if you would like to attend.

The hearings will be held in public so anyone can attend to observe, even if you are not a participant.

Local Plan Part 2 (Site Allocations and Development Management Policies) – Parish Briefing
With the Local Plan Part 1 moving towards adoption in early 2013, the City Council is preparing to start work on the next part of the Local Plan. Local Plan Part 2, as we are calling it, will build on the strategy set out in Local Plan Part 1 and will focus on the allocation of smaller sites for development and developing more detailed ‘development management’ policies (including reviewing any remaining ‘saved policies’ from the 2006 Local Plan).A Briefing Session on Local Plan Part 2 has been organised for Parish Councils and Winchester Town Councillors / groups on Wednesday 10th October at 6.30 pm in the Walton Suite, Winchester Guildhall.  Invitations have been sent by email and the purpose of the briefing is to explain how we are going to progress the next part of the Local Plan and how you can get involved in this process. If your Parish is wholly within the South Downs National Park this session may not be relevant to you as planning policy matters will be covered by the National Park Authority, but you are very welcome to come along.

Please let us know by Monday 1st October if you would like to attend – initially the invitation is limited to 2 delegates until we have a better indication of those wishing to attend.   Please email Elaine Bonnon ebonnon@winchester.gov.uk if you wish to register or have any queries.

Extract from : Parish Connect e-Newsletter

25 September 2012 Local Plan Special Edition


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