Sainsburys Bishop’s Waltham

Extract from Sainsbury’s website  29-08-2012

“A Public Inquiry is to be held into Sainsbury’s proposal to close Station Road, Bishop’s Waltham to motorised through traffic.

The Inquiry, necessary as a result of a single objection from a local resident, will not discuss the planning merits of the case which were resolved by the planning permission granted in December 2011.

The Inquiry will be limited to deciding whether to issue a Stopping Up Order which would result in all motorised traffic accessing the new Sainsbury’s store using the Old Station roundabout. Bishop’s Waltham Parish Council has recently withdrawn its objection.

The decision, which will be made by a government appointed inspector, may take up to three months. Whilst construction work on the site cannot commence until the Stopping Up Order has been issued, Sainsbury’s is confident that the Inquiry will have a positive outcome.

Max Whitehand, Sainsbury’s Regional Development Executive, said: “Whilst it is frustrating that our plans are being delayed, we are doing all we can to resolve this issue. We remain fully committed to providing a new foodstore in Bishop’s Waltham and look forward to beginning work on the construction of our new store at the earliest opportunity.”

Sainsbury’s planned to commence with the construction of the new store as soon as possible after the planning permission was formally granted. However, the construction of the store is currently being delayed by the Stopping Up of the public highway at Station Road, which will be discussed at a Public Inquiry in October. Sainsbury’s is confident that the Inquiry will have a positive outcome.

The Stopping Up of Station Road is required to provide a safe and workable pedestrian and cycle link between the proposed store and the town centre. The Stopping Up Order will take time to progress but once this has been resolved, we can finalise the detailed construction programme for the new store and Doctor’s surgery.”

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One Response to Sainsburys Bishop’s Waltham

  1. Peter Watson says:

    Please be advised that the Secretary of State, has granted the Stopping Up of Station Road in Bishop’s Waltham, so now Sainsbury’s can get on with the constructing of their new store, as well as the much needed New Doctor’s Surgery. Good News at last!

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