District councillors’ September 2012 report

Dear Ward Electorate,

Olympics Were you in the 90% of the target population who saw the Torch Relay? Were
you stunned by the Olympic excitement or by its incessant presence in the media? Did you
see the opening and closing ceremonies? Whatever, it’s over for another 4 years except
another Torch Relay left Stoke Mandeville Hospital on 24th August to arrive in time for the Paralympics which last until Sunday, 9th September. We wish our Paralympians as much or even greater success than our Olympians.

Opportunities for Young People  Continuing this theme, as a result from the work that Roger did with other councillors on ‘Young People and Employment’ about the need to
increase workplace opportunities for voluntary placements and apprenticeships,WCC has
published a commission on the SE Business Portal, (it can be found at http://tinyurl.com/cwlcf6f )- to secure a one year ‘employer engagement service’ to see if we can improve the situation by drumming up greater commitment among employers and ‘hand holding’ them through the process of providing these opportunities. If you know anyone who might be interested in bidding (£20k for a one calendar year contract) please forward the link to them, which includes information about how to submit a bid etc which will need to be completed by 26th October 2012.

Free Loft & CavityWall Insulation Don’t forget, ‘Insulate Hampshire’ has extended its offer of free loft and cavity wall insulation, but to qualify your application must be received by 30th September 2012 with installations taking place until 30th November 2012. Free insulation is for average sized properties or smaller and, in the case of loft insulation, that currently have less than 60 mm (approximately 2 ½ inches) of material. Enquiries to: 0800 9520037 or online at http://www.insulatehampshire.co.uk

PACT (Partners & Communities Together) was onWednesday, 25th July at the Pavilion,Shedfield. This was a public meeting chaired by the local Police Sergeant and this time we actually had some members of the public join us who aired their views which was very welcome and actively encouraged. Priorities were agreed and will again be speeding and targeting anti-social behaviour in this ward. We were reminded that the police can only do something about a problem if they are made aware of it; so please phone or email if you spot omething. For an emergency don’t wait – use 999; however if it is just flagging something up, use 101. So if you think something is suspicious or if there is a situation you are not happy with, pick up the phone and let them know. The next meeting will be in October and we will put the date in our next column. Do come if you are able and hear the up-to-date police report for the area, find out about Speedwatch and Neighbourhood Watch, and have your say on local policing priorities.

‘Have Your Say’Grant Hampshire County Council (HCC) is inviting applications to
organise and run small scale community participatory budget events called “Have Your Say”. Applications are welcomed from local constituted organisations (for example
District/Borough Council, Town or Parish Council, Council for Voluntary Service, Social
Enterprises, Not for Profit Organisations, Community groups, Community Safety or other
relevant partnership or private organisation). These organisations, or delivery partners, must have the ability to operate such a scheme locally, and potentially link this with other
resources for the community to make decisions regarding the funding of local projects.

The purpose is to allow local people to have a say and determine which local projects receive funding from the county council to help improve their local environment, to support local groups or strengthen their community. HCC will send successful applicants the funds awarded. It will be up to the applicant to further distribute the funds to the successful community projects. It would be acceptable for applicants to act as banker for grass root organisations who do not have their own bank accounts. The scheme opened 1st June 2012 and closes 31st March 2013 (or earlier if funds have been used). If you wish to apply, please make sure you discuss and agree your proposal with your local County Councillor, Felicity Hindson.
SCAMS HCC publishes a scams bulletin to enable Hampshire residents to be aware, and
therefore guard against, the types of scams currently being reported to Hampshire Trading Standards service. Trading Standards collate information on scams to provide information and intelligence to the public and other agencies but will not normally intervene unless the victim is very vulnerable and has been financially abused. They will also seek to take enforcement action in the civil and criminal courts where it is appropriate in order to punish the offenders. If you are worried about scams please contact: Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 08454 04 05 06. To read the bulletin go to  www.hants.gov.uk and insert ‘scams’ in the search box, scroll down to ‘scams bulletin’. Currently there are scams on wine investment, pension increases, and timeshare resale.

If anyone wishes to engage us on any of the above or on any matter they believe the district council can help with, please do write or contact us: Roger Huxstep is on 01329 833884 or email: rhuxstep@winchester.gov.uk. Linda Gemmell is on 01489 895023 and
lgemmell@winchester.gov.uk or, attend the next surgery on 24th September 2012 in the hour before the Personnel and Procedure meeting in the Pavilion, Shedfield at 7.30 pm

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