Litter Pick – Spring Cottage > Shop

Our section is done. As I am hopping because I dropped a sheet of chipboard on my foot, Carol did it alone. Now being in the Olympic spirit, she decided that an attempt on the Women’s freestyle litter picking record (‘being of a certain age’ category) was in order. After being awarded 30 seconds penalty for chatting with Louise next door on the way, we are pleased to announce that the course was completed in 51 minutes 13 seconds. An objection was lodged by person’s unknown alleging bribery as Carol caught sight of a waiting G and T 100 yards from home. The appeal was dismissed as being vexious and a record was awarded!



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One Response to Litter Pick – Spring Cottage > Shop

  1. Lorrie says:

    I would like to say “thank you” to all those in the litter group who have given their time and effort to keep Waltham Chase litter free for a while. I appreciate your hard work very much to keep my beloved village looking so nice – I am sure others in the village also echo my praise.
    Lorrie Smith

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