WI June Report

I must apologise to Wendy, our magazine reporter. She emailed me the beginnings of this report before going on holiday. Unfortunately I couldn’t open the attachment, because it was created in a newer version of Word! 

This month’s meeting should have been held at the garden of our member Brenda Cook. However, it was decided it was too cold and we were back in the hall, where everyone enjoyed a ploughman’s supper and strawberries or roulade for dessert prepared by Brenda and Lynda. It was a time to wind down after our recent activities, taking a leading part of the Funday @ the Rec. We feel we have succeeded in what we think the W.I. should be about. i.e. being community minded, as well as our other W.I. activities. Our evening was a social get together and we took part in several quizzes.

 We now have our lunch at the Cafe Tusk to look forward to, and a visit to the ‘Living Village’ at Rowner. Our final outing of the year is a River Cruise and visit to Windsor Castle in September. Several members are going to the W.I. ‘s own college in Oxfordshire for the day, with the Bishops Waltham Group. We also have an afternoon tea with Shedfield Group. We are kept busy !! 

We have some lost property: 

– a blue umbrella, left on the rec. 

– a man’s navy blue zip-up top, found in someone’s car! and 

– a green jumper left at the hall. 

Please ring 01489 893815 if they are yours. 

Our next meeting is on July 10th and the Speaker is John Pitman 

‘Pantomime and the role of the Dame”. Drop in and you will be very welcome. 7.15pm. 

Dianne Portman 

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