Family History Group (HGS)

Future meetings:

24th July 2012 Members Evening – ‘Brick Walls’

28th August 2012 Work of the Railwaymen – George Yalden

If you are interested in tracing your family history and meeting like minded people, please do come along to the Group, where you will receive a warm welcome and help with your research.
In May the Group was pleased to welcome back a well known Speaker, Anne Baxandall. Anne’s subject this time was ‘The Gunpowder Plot’. We are all familiar with this event and
everyone knows that Guy Fawkes was one of the main conspirators. We are perhaps less familiar with his 12 co-conspirators and their fates. In her interesting and informative talk Anne was able to tell us the background of the plot, its planning and delays, how and why it was foiled and the outcomes for the plotters – 2 were shot whilst trying to escape and the others, with Guy Fawkes, were hung, drawn and quartered in January 1606.  We look forward to seeing Anne again at a “future date for another of her knowledgeable talks.

Chris can be contacted on 01489 895462 or at for information about the HGS and the Group meetings.

Details of the Group can also now be found on the website for Waltham Chase Village Hall:

We look forward to seeing you.
Chris Pavey
Waltham Chase Group Organiser

Details of our programme of meetings for this year can be found on the Waltham Chase Village  Website –  under Groups.

Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month (except Bank Holidays) at the Waltham Chase Village Hall, Winchester Road, Waltham Chase. The meetings commence at 7:30pm.

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