Fun Day on the rec – report

FUNDAY ON THE REC and how it happened.

Eighteen months ago, a W.I. member asked should we do something for the Jubilee; at which time we thought we may do a tea for the elderly.  It was then suggested we do something for all ages and at this point, Lynda Bezant suggested doing something on the Rec.  Lynda and Brenda Cook were the Community Association leaders a few years back and we all reminisced about the wonderful day on the Rec that they organised for the community and how we could do it again.  Then, 7 years ago the Church had a stage and band, which everyone enjoyed.

To achieve what we wanted, we needed money and having succeeded in obtaining money from the Lottery Big fund three times (grid cards for every house, craft dabble day which was free for all and re equipping the Village Hall kitchen) I thought I would have another go.  In the meantime, other people who had previously shown a great interest in ‘doing something for the community’ were gathered together and we had a team lead by Margaret Jones, Katie Shepherd, Bridget Jones, Nita Higgins, Sheila Fisher (the one with the original thought!) Lynda Bezant and Brenda Cook, (former leaders of the community Association), Steve Bridge Jill Kirby, Ann Gibbon, Gary Pothecary. And Claire ford

Sue Rogers decided to find some coronation memorabilia and then expanded her idea to creating an exhibition of old photos and memories of the Parish.  So we were all set to go but the whole venture depended on getting the grant.  You have to fulfil certain criteria to obtain a grant, one of which is ‘bringing the community together’ and that was

a priority as far as we were concerned.  We also wanted a day that was not going to be expensive for families.  We had decided what we would like to do, and then had the task of getting estimates, quotes and prices of items from all sources and presenting the list to the Big Lottery Fund.

Last September we heard the good news that we had got the grant, and it was all systems go for a group of people who had never done this sort of thing before. (Except Lynda and Brenda, but that was years ago).  You then have to make sure that you spend the grant on what you had asked for.

After a lot of hard work and sometimes pure frustration, we had our day.  I was the procurer of the grant and obtaining things we needed, like a stage, toilets! etc and admin, but the success of the day is down to our team one of whom was Sue Rogers, The Village Hall was buzzing in the morning and the bacon butties sold out early. There was a lot of laughter and reminiscing..  The majority of the photos were taken by Betty Daysh, who although she may not realise it, has performed a great service to our Parish by giving us all something to look back on. And not forgetting Betty’s sister Grace Emery, who has her book of memories, copies of which were displayed.

Our afternoon was running unbelievably smoothly, despite the cancellation of our first display the night before and the sun shone down to such an extent that people were getting sunburnt.  Katie Shepherd and Margaret Jones, who had taken over the organising of the displays, managed them like professionals and everyone enjoyed the Amber Andrews’s dancers, zumba, scallywags and majorettes.  The ‘Olympics’ ,organised by Steve Bridge and Sean Beech was inclusive with the less abled taking part and was a joy to behold with mums, dads and children all involved with such enthusiasm; adding to the success of the day. A special mention for the tug-o- war, which was great fun.  Apart from the food and drinks, we managed to have everything else free and hopefully wasn’t a drain on the families purses.  We hope the stallholders made a bit of money, but if you didn’t, it won’t have cost you anything and you spent the day in the sun in good company! The tea tent ably run by Lynda, Brenda, Nita, Shelia and Joy was a welcoming place to sit down and have a cream tea. A big thank you also to Tara and Gary  Pothecary who were landed with the first session of looking after the Inflatable Obstacle Course – with very excited children this was not an easy task and they spent the rest of the day, helping out at anything that needed attention.

Mike Jones did a professional job with his D.J hat on, controlling the music and announcing the displays etc.  He was working from mid morning until10.15pmand flew out next day to a new job inMajorca– thank you Mike.

The evening brought the stage into it’s own with the band ‘Scary Biscuit’ playing for us.  The evening was organised by Gill Kirby who also persuaded people to show us their talent.  The rain appeared at7pm, but the band played on and the talent show did their bit and Scary Biscuit returned to the stage after some doubt.  The evening ended with many people dancing on the Rec in the rain with umbrellas up and quite honestly, that said it all.  They were having such a good time and didn’t care about the rain.

It was a real community get together and it was great to see mums, dads and children all enjoying themselves together and not a computer in sight.!!

There were two incidents to keepSt John’sAmbulance busy.  i.e. a little boy stubbed his toe and another hit his knee with his elbow!

We would like to say to the persons who let there dogs foul the grass, which had to be cleared up before we got started, you should be ashamed of yourself and so should the person who was buying with counterfeit £20 notes.

We are being asked if we will do it again next year. No we won’t – it cost £5,000, the stage being the biggest outgoing i.e. £1,800.  But if anyone else wants to, we have the layout of the rec on paper and we have all the contacts!!  By the way, we were mentioned on TV!!


Dianne Portman

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