Thanks for the Jubilee Celebrations

So Dianne Portman’s vision came into being! The Waltham Chase WI wowed Waltham Chase for Queen and country on her Diamond Jubilee Day! With bated breath over the weather and  local conditions, Saturday 2nd June 2012 will be a date forever etched into Waltham Chase history. With a homage to the famous/infamous ‘Party in the Park’ staged by the Methodist Church in 2005 (using the same stage provided by Miracle Street), the Women’s Institute pulled off a great day. We even had a Queen and local women pulling in a Tug of War which pulled in a crowd (my best shot of the day)!

The arranging of the day (stalls, entertainers, outside caterers, admin etc etc) was in the very capable hands of Dianne Portman, Margaret Jones, Bridget Jones, and Katie Shepherd. Also Gary and Tara Pothecary amongst many others worked to make it a right royal occasion. Mike was on the mike with his silky smooth DJ skills to keep it all going.

The day started with a morning event in the village hall where Sue Rogers arranged a display of photographs and memorabilia. The Waltham Chase History Group also contributed to this. Lorrie Smith brought information of the Parish Plan. In the afternoon Steve Bridge and Sean Beech with judicial assistance from wife Zine arranged the races and games on the Rec marking this UK Olympic year.  Lynda Bezant, Brenda Cook, Nita Higgins and Sheila Fisher were in charge of the tea tent.  The Methodist Church gave away 500 bottles of free chilled spring water and booklets associated with the Jubilee & Olympics. There was something for everyone with dancing (Amber Andrews / Zumba), display dogs (Scallywags), Charlie the Clown, The Locks Heath Silhouette Majorettes, Bouncy Castle, Paralympic Skittles, ‘Beat the Goalie’, as well as the races on the track. The band (Scary Biscuit) played in the evening as the rain began to fall, interspersed by a ‘Has Chase Got Talent?’ show, which were both arranged by Jill Kirby and hosted by Tizz.

Thanks to all who contributed and all who helped in any way, and to those who came to make it such a great British celebration. God Save The Queen!

Steven Bridge

Ed: You can see some pictures of the day here.

and a few here: 

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2 Responses to Thanks for the Jubilee Celebrations

  1. wendy clough says:

    Hi, great photo’s, lovely to see some familiar faces and the village getting together and having fun.
    Here in sunny if a little cold NZ we have enjoyed watching the festivites even though some didn’t start until 1.30am, no one does pomp and ceromony so well.
    The coronation was the first thing I ever saw on television.
    Well done a good job done by all involved.

  2. Gary and Tara Pothecry says:

    To our fellow villagers
    I am humbled and extremely proud to be a resident of Waltham chase.
    The whole event was put together by the WI dutifully led by the amazing Dianne Portman helped by our friends Steve Bridges and all at Waltham Chase Methodist Church.
    Parents were asking how much we charged children to play on the bouncy castle, it was amazing to say no charge and watch their cheerful faces.
    The food, the cakes, the entertainment and the community spirit were just a few memories I will forever carry with me for what was (with the exception of course of marrying Tara) this was one of the best days of my life.

    I will finish by thanking David Ogden for his support, maybe another year the parish council can work a little closer to the WI and support events such as the one we have just experienced as non of the funding came from your parish council.

    Gary Pothecary

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